Thursday, April 23, 2009


20 Apr:

Its a Monday. Time to get back on track of waking up at 7:30 in the morning. I was surprised that I didnt have any trouble getting up. The little girl got here at 7:40 and I tried to wake up CJ and he was just fighting it so hard. CJ has been in a weird sleeping schedule lately and its been draining me out slowly. The day went well. We had a good dinner and we watched Star wars episode 6. Thank goodness because I am so TIRED of watching star wars. I love my hubby to death but those movies just put me to sleep. Here is CJ and his Daddy watching episode 6

21 Apr:

CJ is 20 months old!! OMG where the heck has the time gone?? 4 more months til he is 2 yrs old, OMG!! Its just crazy how quickly the group up! We didnt do much today. Its day 2 of being back to the schedule of getting up early. I was worse today with getting up from CJs lovely nights of no rest! Well to top it all off with being sleepy the little girl was just not having a good day at all. She was crying about EVERYTHING possible. If you looked at her the wrong way OMG she screamed her lungs out. Ya it was a ROUGH day for me and I wanted to pull all of my hair out!! They both took a nap which was nice but still didnt do much for her. CJ wanted to go outside so we got ready to walk to the mail box. So we walked to the mail box and once we stepped out of the house it was like the little girl forgot how to walk!! She just stood there and I was encouraging here to walk but NOTHING. She was like literally AFRAID to walk. So I grabbed her hand to help her walk. She cried all the way over there and back to the house. She wasnt in pain and I was right there with her the whole time. Come to find out later on that her parents dont let he walk outside!! I think that is just crazy! But ya she has never walked outside they take her in the stroller. I take CJ to walk outside as much as I can because 1 he loves being outside and 2 he loves to walk! So now I know that she doesnt like to walk out side so we wont do that lol. Here is CJ with banana bits on his face. What a handsome little man!


So not to much going on just staying inside. I did some cleaning of course made lunch and let CJ run around in the back yard while the little girl ate her lunch. Over all it was a good day and there really wasnt much going on. I had the crafty bug but I couldnt do anything :( I was so upset about that. I knew if I went in the scrap room the kids would want to be in there with me as well and ya its a danger zone in there. I did color in a stamped image and found paper to go with it. I even have the card sketch picked out for the card that I want to do! All I have to do is sneak into my room and put it all together. I just get excited thinking about it. I HOPE it turns out super cute. Here is the image that I colored for the card.

23 Apr:

So the day is still going on. So far its been a rough one for me. I am slowly running on empty. I read CJ 3 books lastnight in his room and he passed out on me. As soon as I put him in his bed he woke up and was screaming his head off. He eventually fell asleep. He woke up at who knows what time and then slept the rest in our bed. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and I can sleep in a little bit! My for the day is going to be my very first scrapbooking page. As I look at it man I realize I have come a LONG way since I first started. I hope everyones day goes well. Today is my friday and I dont have to work tomorrow.YAHOO!!

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