Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scrapping and not stopping

Well I know I havent wrote a blog in a minute so I though I would update with some of what I have been doing!! I have been scrapping a ton of pages!!! So let me load up all of my photos that I have finished. I have no clue why this one came out sideways but all I know is that its bugging me. Hopefully the rest of them dont come out this way or its going to drive me bonkers!!! Ok so this is the second page to the halloween page that was posted earlier. I am goint to post my other halloween pages as well that I did for our family book. This one is going in CJs baby book...speaking of which I need to go buy that boy ANOTHER one because ya his is already filled to the back and I have no got every month in it yet!!

Ok so it seems like its done it again to me!! This one is side ways as well....grrr....sorry ladies. This was for a sketch challenge for one of my Cafemom Groups. I had fun doing it too. Of course I always do double layouts so here it is together. "Tired Bee" my handsome little bumble bee 2007. Cant believe how time flies by.

Another sketch challenge done for Cafemom... I am on a total sketch kick and it drives me crazy at times but sometimes I cant help my self because I cant think of what to do, lol.

After I got these photos done I had no more recent pictures to scrap. I had to go into my old pictures that have memories that we hard to forget. It didnt make for a fun scrapping but I wanted to scrap so I scrapped the pictures that I had. These next pages are from when I was deployed in 2004. One of the layouts I did stitching to it and I LOVED it!! So more stitching will be seen on my pages. Ahh I am having issues right now with positioning my photos on the blog...grrr....ok got it!! I hope I dont have a problem with every photo that I put on here.

Out of all of these photos I like these two next layouts. I used stitching on these layouts. Its hard to see but its on the pattern paper. I didnt realize how many layouts that I did. Wow I am so sorry that this is getting to be so long. Then again I think all of my enteries have been long, lol. I guess I am just long winded and always have some thing to say or I just wait to long before I post a blog!!

Haha I promise I am ALMOST done lol. I have been scrapping like a mad lady this past week and a half I am doing so many challenges to help me get caught up and its working!! Ya I am getting closer every day.

So I told my hubby that I was scrapping these pictures with baby memories and he told me to buy myself whatever ink cartridges that I needed so I could print happy pictures. I was so happy when he told me I could get ink!! So I went printer happy and printed a TON of Pictures!! So I printed more pictures of CJ and a TON from my San Juan trip that I took when i saw my wonderful hubby!! Man I sure do miss him so much!! Ok so I tried out a 6 x 12 layout and I like it but I am a 12 x12 type of girl. I did it for the Cyber Crop that 4SS is having this weekend. SO MUCH FUN!!!! The Circle layout was for a challenge with them as well. The other two layouts I did for a BG DDD and I loved the way it turned out. I have to get the link that I use for it. It is a pencil lines sketch that I used. Ok so these are almost all of the sketches lol. I have two more that are from the beginning of this month. I will post them soon, lol. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and read this long ol thing that I wrote lol. Eh never mind I wont add the last two so this is all folks. Thanks!!

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