Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pages Done

So I have been scrapping once again!! Well I took maybe a week off but I didnt post EVERYTHING that I did, lol. So here is a slide show of all of the pages that I got done. I am sure that I am missing some, actually I am sure that I am missing some but as soon as I take the pictures I will add them to the slide show.....Well I am currently waiting for the pictures to load so I can do the slide show, lol. Well I cant believe how fast time has gone! Can you believe that its almost November? Actually Next Saturday is November 1st!! Yay!! I am so excited that means I get to have my hubby all to myself again!! Oh I so cant wait!! We have a count down going on and its SO FREAKING awesome as to how soon he will be home with me and our son!! Here are my layouts

Ok I am going to post this tomorrow, Its pissing me off right now and not working. I am to tired to try and get it to work too.

*****Ok so I got the slide show to work in the post above this but I cant add the slide show to this post. Very interesting and irritating if you ask me. Some times it works for me and sometimes it just doesn't want to do anything for me at all. It drives me bonkers. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it easy to do these slideshows please tell me. thanks*****

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