Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend and Day 3

Well Happy Be-lated Mother's Day to all of you Mommies out there. I didn't get on this weekend because I was very busy! The In-laws came down which was really nice. Friday my husband, the boys and I went to the Relay for Life. I had a wonderful time out there. We didn't stay to long because it started to get to cold for the boys so we headed out.
It was really nice, they had things for children to do there. I think their theme was Halloween so some booths were doing trick or treating for the kids, CJ had a blast and Jamison was just enjoying some chill time! Then we headed home and waited for Grandma and Papa to get to the house. CJ was very excited because he had been waiting for a few days.

Saturday- was such a LONG day for me. Mr. Jamison decided to wake up at 7:30 and WOULDN'T go back to sleep. He was teething really bad that night, poor bugger boy! Hubby went into work for a bit to finish up something. So while we were waiting for him we took off to have some Breakfast, yummy! Then off to go do some shopping. Long day so far. I know I said that I was going to work out on the weekends no matter what. Well I didn't work out at all! I did something to me knee on Friday and it was killing me all weekend long. It was not fun at all.

So Saturday night the hubby and I went out with some friends while Grandma and Papa watched the boys for us. We had a great time. Chuck's Friend is going overseas here soon and we went out to have a good time with him before he left. It was nice. I watched them do some karaoke.
It was a fun night. We didn't get home til 3am! We have not stayed out that long in Such a long time! The time flew by because of all the laughing and fun we had.

Sunday- Mother's Day! I got a lovely wake up call from CJ with a pinch on my nose and a Time to get up mommy! LOL! I didn't complain and I got up. I had some cleaning to do as we had plans for our friends to come over for a Mother's Day Bar-b- Que. We cleaned and cleaned. I got a gift, wanna see it?
Two boys in a box! LOL. They had fun in the boxes and stayed in there for awhile! Then CJ took off with Grandma and Papa for the week! Little turd! We didn't get to fall asleep til 3am because we just couldn't. Stay up til about 1am playing trivia pursuit, which was fun but good gosh I need to learn some things lol.

So we are now caught up with the weekend and its Monday! Blah. Its really quiet! I  didn't want to wake up but Jamison wouldn't sleep in past 8:30. I dozed off and ya he feel off the bed! So we got up. He has been knocking his head all morning long! He has given himself a bump on his head and a cut on his cheek. He has battle wounds to say the least right now. I Forced myself to do my workout. I NEED to do this! I made it through. I had lunch which was left overs from yesterday, lol. Well I am done and I am off of here.

See you tomorrow!

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