Monday, December 21, 2009

Signing In

Well Hello everyone!! I when to my moms the first of December for 10days and that held of a few days of my crochet making!! It was so nice to be seeing my family!! It was SUPER cold though!! I did survive the Coldness by the hair on my chin, lol. CJ had a blast out there and was ALWAYS wanting to go outside in the COLD!! What a crazy child!!

When we got back from our trip our house was all packed out and there where TONS of boxes ALL OVER the house!! We are PCSing to VA so that is why our stuff was in boxes. The next day they came to put the boxes in the truck and send it to VA!! I spend as much time as I could with my Bestie Eileen. I sure do miss her!!

Our driving time from TX to NC took 2 1/2 days!! We left the las day we cleaned. I was pretty pissed off about that lol. I had not had good rest and I wanted a good nights sleep but I lost. It was me against Chuck and his mom so you know how that out come ended lol. I was SOOOO happy when we stopped driving on the 16th one day before my bday!! We didnt do anything on my bday the 17th. I was just happy to be off the road and at my MILs place.

We are still in NC waiting to see what is going on with our house. I want it to sell!! So once it sells I think we will be looking for place in VA. Everything Keeps changing abou what we are going to do so I hope by the first we have a set idea of what we are doing.

Well I would upload picture BUT this internet at my MILS is to slow so I cant upload pictures lol. I hope everyone is ready for xmas and is having a safe holiday season!!

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