Sunday, November 1, 2009

So heres what has gone on

in our life since the last time I have blogged. Its been forever and a day. It just seems like my time and day just disappear. With CJ being so much more active and to top it off having a 18month old I watch, ya my days fly, lol. So my time just goes right there, lol.

So this is what has been going on since the last time I blogged, lol. I know that I never went back and added picture from our trip, bad me lol. It just takes forever on this blogger to do it! It took me forever to unpack from our trip. I just get super lazy lol. CJ and I got sick. The first week is was me and then the second week it was CJ so that was no fun at all and to top it all off I had the little with me too.

I started wroking on Christmas gifts for the family. That is coming along pretty nicely I must say, lol. Just been busy making things and have not been in the scrappy mood at all. So thats pretty much it, lol. I have been getting into a lot of crocheting swaps which is something new and fun to me. I know I sound like an old lady lol. Its just something that calms me down a ton!

Well yesterday was Halloween of course because today is Nov 1st!! Can you freaking believe it? Gosh where has the time gone? We were VERY busy which is a first!! We ran some errands in the morning, went to the pumpkin patch in the afternoon and then to the Zoo for the Zoo Boo trick o treating which was fun!!Here are a few pictures:

So those are just a few of the pictures that were taken. There was a ton but didnt want to upload them all.

Chuck also reenlisted for like 4more years on the 20th or the 23rd of Oct. cant really remember the exact date. It was pretty cool. Oh ya I also went to my First Navy Ball and that was a BLAST!! It was a 1940s theme ball!! It was awesome here are some pictures from those events!!
These are from the ball obviously lol. Here are some pictures from the reenlistment ceremony!

Ok and I think I am not up to date with everything!! Sorry to be so late and post a long post!! See you all later. Enjoy your time with your family and Happy November!!

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