Wednesday, July 15, 2009

9June - To now

Ok I am back to finish up catching you all up on whats been going on.
So here are my men. CJ wanted to be a Big Boy and sit next to his daddy while they ate lunch. He absolutely did not want to sit in his highchair so in the regular chair he went in. There's Chuck with his mutton chops and other facial hair. I am glad he is back at work because I DO NOT have to see that facial hair. I do NOT like it at all. He looks completely different with and without facial hair. They enjoyed their mac and cheese, lol.
****And this is where I stop taking so many pictures for each day, so now they are going to be here and there with the dates and what not****
Just another day on our side of town. We didnt do much but just stay at home. CJ was being silly today and I wanted to take a picture of him. He actually posed like this, little fruit cake. He was so silly everytime I snapped the camera he actually had a different pose for me. He thought he was hiliarious and his daddy was being tormented. Not much happened but just staying at home and chilling out.
Once again another picture of CJ showing me his toy! YAY! LOL. There he is sitting play with his toy and yes in his other hand he has bottle caps. Why does he have bottle caps? Not the slightest idea. He was having fun stacking them and pressing them again the bottom of his foot. My child finds so weird ways to entertain himself. He was also trying to fit his toy in the bottle cap, weird child of mine, lol.
So we bought CJ some Lightsabers or whatever they are called. He LOVES those dang things. We have to hide them because he annoys me with them. He ONLY wants to play with me with them. If you hand one to his daddy he gets mad and throws a fit! So we put them up because I am not going to play with those dang things ALL day long, lol. He loves them though.
We took CJ out in the backyard and blew some bubbles for him. We needed to get out of the house for a little bit. It was hot of course but hey he needed to run around and we needed to not feel so claustrophobic either. So here is a good picture of CJ looking at the bubble. I was not a good bubble maker but Chuck did an amazing job at it lol. CJ had a blast and he did not want to come back into the house. We are dealing with terrible twos and its driving us crazy!
Well since CJ enjoyed the bubbles so much the other day I went out and bought him the bubble lawnmower. He LOVES it. He doesnt like ANYONE messing with it. Granted he wont take it outside and use it but he will use it in the house!! So now I have bubbles to clean up after. Oh how fun that is NOT to do, lol. Oh well such is life lol.
HAHA can you tell CJ had a hold of the Camera. CJ sure does have some good camera skills. LOL...not really but he sure does try too. He thinks is so funny taking pictures. He will take the picture laugh at it and show it to you even though it has already disappeared off of the screen. Sometimes I have to take it away from him because he messes with the settings to much and ya I dont want him to mess it up. He is a little photographer when he wants to be.
So this basket is really for his toys that are in the loft. Well CJ decided to dump ALL of his toys ALL over the loft and sit in the basket and tear it apart. Here he is sitting in the basket and showing me what he pulled apart. He sat in that thing for a good while just picking away. Thank goodness he didnt completely destroy the poor thing and it still holds his toys in. I just have to make sure that he doesnt tear it all apart because that stuff is no fun to clean.
21 June:
So Chuck wanted to take a nap on the couch. I did my best to try and keep CJ away from him. Well here is CJ bugging his daddy with a book and of course Chuck is trying to ignore him and sleep still. I swear you cant get a nap in if CJ is up! He is 22months and boy time does go by fast!
Well as I was getting ready for the day CJ was messing with the cabinets. Well I look down and this is what I see! He was hiding there and he was having fun. Good there there isnt anything under there that he can hurt himself with. He kept himself busy and out of my way. He did not want to come out once I was done. I had to drag him out and he was Mad!!
So I put on my rob to keep myself warm. CJ went to his room and grabbed his robe. He kept that on until I got him dressed for the day. It was super cute! He LOVES it so much! He looks like such a little man when hes wearing it. He will point out all of the men on his robe. Hes one cute boy!
Here we are chilling out watching TV. Not to sure what we are watching but here we are lol. CJ is ALWAYS on me some how. Talk about being a mama's boy. He is so going to deny that he was when he is older but I have pictures to prove it lol. I love having a mama's boy but some days it drives me crazy because all he wants to do is just sit on me the whole day. Talk about no personal space at all, lol. I love him to death though and I wouldnt have it any other way.
So today I spent some time sewing. I made this shirt well minus the sleeves and pockets, I made it all by myself without any help at all. It can out sooo cute. We where watch all the Pirates of the Carribean movies while I sewed. It was a good day. I ended up finishing the shirt. I want to make MORE!! I just need to get the fabric for it. I loved the way it came out and I was so proud of myself!
So here is the shirt that I made. The headband I am wearing I also made that too. I love it! Its a very comfortable shirt. The headband I dont think it looks right on my head lol, I know I am weird. I Love my shirt and I am very proud of myself for making it!
So I crocheted this littler turtle for my friends daughter. Well as soo and I was done with it CJ fell in love with it. He was just SUPER excited about it and was giving it kisses and everything. Obviously I didnt make this for him becase of the colors...Pink and green,lol. So I have to make my friends daughter another turtle lol. This took me a day to make with taking a break here and there. He really loves this turtle. I will have to make him one that are boy colors lol.
So we went to the Duck pond. I Couldnt just pick one picture. I choose to. These are my favorite. My husband and I dont really have many pictures today and of course CJ feeding the ducks. He actually had a duck feed out of his hands. The duck nibbled on him and CJ thought that was funny. After we fed the ducks we walked down to the little play area. CJ was having a blast running around that darn thing. He did fall about 2ft from the ground and hit his head. He is alright and what not. Chuck said I had more fun feeding the ducks then CJ did. I Did have fun, it was nice getting out of the house!
Well Happy 4th of July!!  My cousin came over to spend the 4th with us. He is out stationed at Ft.Hood....Kileen, tx which is like 3hrs from here. It was nice having him here. Well until it turned into a Bash Jackie day/weekend. We didnt do much on the 4th let alone that whole weekend. We tried to catch the fireworks from our house but they started at 10pm and we didnt know and we were waiting outside at 9 lol. So we just stayed here at home grilled out and got drunk. Our neighbors had a party and they had fireworks so CJ did get to see fireworks. They were setting them off as I was trying to put him to bed so I let him stay up and watch them go off. He thought they were awesome.
So we rented some games for the xbox 360 and had a blast playing. We got Mortal COmbat vs DC and OMG that was awesome!! I had not played that game in FOREVER!!! I kicked their butts on it. CJ did really good on it too. He almost beat both my cousin and husbands butt at the game. Here is CJ trying to play guitar hero. He is a true little gamer at heart! We know how to bred them the right way lol.
So I stood up way to late the night before and I had to watch danielle. OMG was I super tired! Well Ms. Dani had a really bad accident and got all over her clothes and my floor so I had to take her a bath and wash her clothes. She had a fever to top it all off. Well her daddy is a Greenbay Packers fan and we are Colts fan so just because she had no extra clothes here we dressed her in CJs Colts jersey so her daddy could see lol. Dani ended up leaving early that day and her daddy was like OMG what have you done to my daughter lol. So this was the funny highlight of the day. Oh ya and I slept most of the day because I was so freaking tired!
So I have been busy making CJ a monkey! Making these toys are so much fun!! Well here I am super excited because I finished the head!! IT looks so cute to me lol. I was super excited to get the head sewn together and stuffed. I had to hid the head from CJ because he would of been playing with it, lol. So I am off now working on the rest of the monkey!
So I got my New MFFX mineral foundation. I must say it is the first time ever using it! It is very light and I couldnt tell I had it on. Right now the only problem that I am having is trying to find the right color combo so its Not to light or to dark on me. That is the trick for me because I have never used this kind of foundation before. I liked the way my makeup came out though but the pictures i was taking was not good for me lol.
So CJ and I went to the Olive Garden with my friend Kelley and her two kids. This is my look for the day, lol. I had so much fun going out to lunch. CJ was HORRIBLE though. We slept in til 9am and he was ready for his nap by 11. I was so embarrassed I didnt know what to do. We had the all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks! SUPER yummy. I had Chicken Gnocci or something like that. It was Awesome.
So I finished the MONKEY!!! YAY!!! I was so super excited about it. I worked really hard on it and I think it can out well. CJ had not seen it because I finished it when he was in bed. I was looking over the pattern that I printed out and the pattern that i have save to my computer and found out that my printer didnt print all of the pages. So ya there are some mistakes to this monkey! I loved the way it turned out. It is HUGE too, lol!
So CJ really loves his monkey. He sleeps with it and brings it into the room with him. Here he is getting ready to pass out with his monkey and turtle, lol. He is so cute! He really loves everything that I make him. Its so awesome to have some appreciate what you do. Well this is all the pictures that I have. I will do my best to try and keep up with the 365 day project but we shall see. Like I said before nothing exciting happens in my life so I may post here and there. Thanks for reading my LONG posts!

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