Tuesday, July 14, 2009

28 May - To Now

Ok so I REALLY know that it has been FOREVER since I have last updated. I HONESTLY did not think it was this long! I think I have given up on the 365 day project BECAUSE I seriously dont do anything that is interesting everyday and everyday is the same just a different day. I will of course keep this updated but I am not sure if I will be doing the 365 or not. So here is what I have been up to since the last time I have updated.
28 May:
So today I worked on Twinchies. I am hosting the twinchie swap in my Cafemom group. This is the first time I have ever done twinchies. It was fun but very hard for me to decorate a 2x2 piece of cardstock. It was nice thinking outside the bubble and making something so small and cute.
29 May:

So my husband had his gallbladder removed. I had to take him in early in the morning and I waited all morning for him. I started to get scared because I had not heard anything from anyone and it was like 10:30am and I had dropped him off at 5:30am. They ended up calling me up at 11am to tell me that my husband was out of surgery and wanted me there. I was so relieved when they called me to let me know because I was going crazy worrying about all the what ifs. When we got there he looked really good for just getting out of surgery. He said he felt amazing for just getting out of surgery. He was explaining how the surgery went and how his stitches looked. I started to black out and almost passed out. Yes I know I am a whimp! My hubby laughed at me and said you want to be a nurse? LOL. Yes I do want to be a nurse but if I am around that kind of stuff I dont get all whimpy and what not. So he made it through surgery fine and he has the next 3wks off.

30 May:

Well today I worked on my Recipe cards for a group I was in on meetup.com. It was fun making them. Sorry the picture is sideways and I dont know how to change it, lol. I had fun making these because I got to use some paper that I bought and it is all sparkly and pretty. My recipe cards came out good, but simple just the way I like it. We didnt do much today really.

31 May:

We went to rent a movie. I let CJ down and ya that was a big mistake. Here he is sitting on the floor picking out his movie, lol. We didnt rent any movies instead we bought like 4 movies for SUPER cheap! We went through those movie so quickly lol. I guess thats what happens when there is much to do and your hubby cant do much because of his surgery.

Well this is what happens when you take your eye off of your child for a second. Here CJ is Praising his "art work" on my wall. Yes it was PERMANENT marker. I tried to wash it off the wall but NO LUCK at all! It can back up! So now I need to figure out how to get the marker off of the wall. I really couldnt be mad at him so I laughed. I know I am such a big kid myself but what can you do? I dont want CJ to think we are always made at him. We told him that was a no no and he has not written on the walls again.

Well...do you ever look at your spouse or significant other and think about how much you love them and how they have changed your life? Even though my husband and I have hard times we make it through it and all is better. My husband was there for me in SO many ways that I am grateful that he came into my life at the time that he did. Without my husband in my life I honestly dont know where I would be. I cant imagine my life with out him. He means so much to me and I am grateful that he deals with me. I love this man to death. He is my world.

Here are my two men. It was raining hard and CJ wanted to touch the rain. Here he is trying to reach for the water. He was having a good time trying ti catch the rain. Then once the lightening and thunder started he wanted nothing to do with the rain. He had fun while it lasted. It was to cute watching the two of them outside trying to catch the rain.


CJ had his first strawberry! He LOVED it!! He wanted to eat ALL of the ones that we had. He didnt like the green tops, which was to funny because he would say eww and would pluck the tops off. CJ is a character in every way possible.


So this is a rare siting! Here is my husband reading his book! Lets just say we were SO BORED with staying home and not knowing what to do that we resourced out to reading books, lol. I was cleaning and he was helping out with CJ to keep him outta my hair. I caught my hubby reading his book. I dont mind that he is reading I actually wish he read more but ya he can only read for so long before he needs to do other things lol.

Have you ever altered a paperclip before? Well I had not until I joined in on a swap. It was fun but I went a LITTLE over board and had to make what seemed like a gazillion! CJ LOVED them. With each one he would go show his daddy and play with them for a little bit, lol. It had fun making them. I actually used my cricut for these. I bought the mickey mouse and hello kitty dies though. There were fun but I will never sign up for a crap load of groups lol.


Yum, yum! Look at that popsicle!! CJ LOVES them. Lets just say that if I wanted to eat one I had to wait til he was in bed sleeping. He wanted ALL of them to himself lol. So here is my baby boy enjoying a raspberry popsicl and showing me my stamp with my name. I love this kid more then life its self.


So I wanted to get a picture of Cj. Well he had other things in mind. He wanted me to take a picture of him holding one of his toys. Well more like he wanted a picture of his toy. He laughed when I showed him this picture. I bet you he thinks this is the greatest picture, lol. He shows me his toys all the time so I can take a picture of them. Doesnt he know I dont want a picture of his toy? I want a picture of him, my baby boy!! LOL. He is a crazy kid and I love watching him grow up each day.
*****Well its bed time for me. Its midnight and I need to hit the hay. I will finish updating this tomorrow. Night Night!! *****************

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