Sunday, February 17, 2013


So I know that it has been a long time since I wrote on the blog. Well since the last blog I have had my first dose of chemo and two doses of herceptin. I was very nervous when I went. So what I did was I went into battle in style, well in style for me anyways. I was all in pink. My fighting outfit. Had to get the war makeup on and the war hair. I was wrapped in love and courage from my beanie to my scarf and with my parents being there.
I wore my F*ck Cancer beanie that my good friend Kyla made, my scarf and necklace that Michael's Aunt got for me and of course my arm band party! Both of my parents came with me. I am not going to lie but I was scared shit less. I was very nervous I didn't know what to think. With me being nervous all I did was talk and talk. I get like that when I get very nervous. I laugh and I talk its better than shaking and crying.
 My nurse was awesome. She told me everything that was going to happen and she also answered all my questions. Getting hooked up or plugged in was very interesting. I have a port in my chest. You can feel it. The port is surgically inserted into my vein and its the easiest way than having to get poked in my vein weekly. Plus I only have one arm that they can work with. So it truly beats having collapsed veins. It felt so weird with the needle going into the port and it felt even weird getting it removed. I can't really explain how it feels getting hooked up and getting unplugged. Unplugged is like pulling a  pen cap that is stuck. Very weird sensation. I did very well with my chemo meds and the nurses there are amazing and so very sweet. My parents and I had some laughs and what not. I was in a very cheery mood. 

During chemo I learned how to KNIT!!! How exciting is that?!?! Ya most of you probably wouldn't think that was exciting but it is for me! I have always wanted to know how to knit and I finally get too!! There is a group of ladies that will come and teach people how to knit on Tuesdays. Its called knit for life. I think it is amazing. These people volunteer to teach us chemo patients how to knit. I love going on Tuesdays. I have scheduled my chemos to be during the time these ladies are there. I am doing well with my knitting and I cant wait to learn so much more. It is amazing and yes I am a dork.
I handed my chemo meds well. It took forever to get this first chemo round down. The picture above shows some pictures of that day. It was nice and I was alright. I didn't feel any side effects until Friday. Now this is just a bit TMI but it is part of my journey. I went from constipation to having to run to the bathroom. I was very exhausted. I had to make myself eat and drink water. I was laid up in bed for four days. Friday I slept ALL day and I only had energy to go to the bathroom and back to my bed. I did not like how I felt. I did get back to feeling good after I got some Imodium. I now know what medicines I can take and I hope that I can control my side effects with my next full chemo round.

So I had my first chemo round on the 29th of Jan and than I had a dose of herceptin on Feb 5th and 12th. The herceptin I do really well with. I feel great after I have those chemos. I love just the herceptin, lol. I call just my Herceptin my easy chemo. I only have to stay there for 2 hours and its quick. When I went on the 5th I got extra fluids for all the diarrhea I was having. I am getting use to all the nurses there at the infusion center and I love how positive all the nurses are. They love what they do and you can tell that they love what they do. 
On my firs chemo do we found out that the nursing assistant that works there when through chemo herself. She was diagnosed with cancer at 17 and she is almost five years without cancer. I love seeing positive things like this. It gives me hope and will power. Its nice as a cancer patient to see someone who works there that understands what us patients are going through. 
 I do try to go in for my chemo treatments positive whether I feel good or not. I know that I need to have the positive vibes. I do always feel the love when I go in for my chemo treatments. I really don't do much but just chill in the chair and wait til I am done. I read, crochet, knit, talk, surf the net, etc. It is pretty boring at times but hey what can ya do? I go in this Wednesday for my second round of chemo, my big chemo. I am a bit nervous with this second round because of all the side effects that I had with my first round. I am hoping that I am able to control these effects better. I am not looking forward to not having any energy, to drink, eat or even walk. 
So are you wondering if I still have my hair? Well, I still do have my hair. I have not shaved it off yet. I am a bit iffy about it but I know I will have too. My scalp does hurt like I have had it pulled back in a tight pony tail all day. It tingles and hurts. So to answer this question, yes my hair is falling out. It started out with a little bit and it has been increasing in the amount that comes out. I can feel my hair thinning but I am still not yet ready to shave my hair. It is sad to see but I am not 100% ready. I know I will be here soon but I am not right now. So much hair falls out it is crazy that I still have any left. I have A LOT of hair so losing as much as I have hasn't really shown to much. Yes I can tell by the thickness, that has decreased.  Other than the thickness of my hair it is still there.
I hope I am not missing anything because it has been some time since my last post. Oh wait I just remembered. I found out that I do not carry the Breast Cancer Gene!! That means that I do not have to have my other breast removed and I do not have to have my ovaries removed either!! Ok now I think I have updated everything. If I am missing anything or you have any questions let me know. I will answer your questions. I have been keeping busy with crocheting and it does help me. I do get in sad moods but I do snap out of them. I have an amazing support group and you all do help me get out of my funk. I appreciate everyone and all the encouraging words. Well until next time! I will do better at this blogging.
Fighting Like a Girl!

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Julie said...

Glad to see you updated, I have been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing! How awesome that you learned to knit, and that's great that they come in to teach that! That's really cool, I know you enjoyed that. Stay positive!! <3 ya girl.