Monday, May 4, 2009

24Apr - 3 May

AHHH....HOLY MOLY...... I didn't think it had been this long since the last time I post. Good Gracious! OK so I will DO my best to get this updated!

24 April:

Thank goodness it was a FRIDAY. OH and how it was a payday Friday at that! CJ and I generally go out and about when its just the two of us. We spent all morning going all over the place. We hit up Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby and I believe Michael's for some goodies. I swear I have a compulsive shopping disorder for crafts. After our shopping I made a card and I did a few layouts. CJ and I played cars for a little bit and that was fun. He was lining up his cars in a row and they we were crashing cars, lol. Gotta love little boys

25 April:

Well this Saturday I had the strangest bug ever! It was the cleaning bug!! OMG I got up and started cleaning! I cleaned my kitchen and dining and I don't remember what else. CJ was being a TOTAL mama's boy and wanted to be right there with me so I had to occupy him with something, anything! So I was like well he hasn't painted in over a year. So I grabbed his canvas and his paints. So while he painted I finished up the rest of my kitchen. He did a WONDERFUL job with painting and I was so surprised! After I cleaned up CJ and got him down for a nap I went shopping AGAIN! LOL ya I know I am HORRIBLE especially when I am bored as heck! So I went shopping and got more deals.


Sunday, Sunday gotta love Sunday. Its the last day of the weekend and the last day of sleeping in and resting. There really wasn't much that we did. CJ and I we went down to the mail box in Lexie's car. I drive SUPER slow down are street and he sits in the passenger seat with his seat belt on looking around. CJ and I also went shopping, lol. I bought SO many ribbons for under $15. I want to start making hair bows! I know I dont have a girl but OMG they are super easy to make. Another hobby that I DON'T need, lol. So here is my first go at a hairbow.

27 April:

So Mondays are the days that I drag!! Only because I have to get up at 7:30 and I would rather just be sleeping in with CJ, lol. All this week I have to get up at 7AM!!!! AHHHH!! It was a very LONG day for CJ and I! I did the mistake of showing CJ bubbles. So guess what he wanted ALL evening!! AHHH...he wanted BUBBLES. GOod thing my mom gave me a bubbly machine and thats how he got his bubbles!!!

28 April:
Well we didnt do much not much to report at all!! Just got up early again and was super tired as heck. I cleaned the house and what not. I did get my first set of crocheted flowers and they are SOOOO BEautiful! I did not take a picture of them yet but I will!! Oh ya and my hubby order me my anniversary present! Its whiffs of joy stamp kit thing!! I am SUPER excited about it! The stamps are SOOO CUTE!!


All this week has been a long week. We didnt do anything at all. So most of these enteries are going to be boring or of what was done in the evening. CJ was messing with his daddy's mouth guard and he looked so funny! He wanted it in his mouth and once it was in there he was going GRRR, lol.


Man the week seems like its NEVER going to end! I have this little girl on Friday too so this week is going to be LONG for CJ and I. Not much again going on. I did a few layouts and thats about it! I am excited for the weekend. Its going to be busy but SUPER fun!

1 May:
Where has the time gone? Can you believe its already MAY? WOW! May is a gifty Month for me, lol. I have my anniversary the same week as mothers day, lol. Poor hubby of mine lol. Oh we went Grocery shopping and spent to much money but we have TONS of food, lol. We cooked out on the grill some yummy food!!! I made a bday card and did a layout! I am trying to do atleast two layouts a week or more! I finished all of my Crocheted Flowers and I think they came out SOOO pretty! What do you think?

2 May:

YAY!! I am super happy that its Saturday! I sent off all of those beautiful crocheted flowers to some mama's! Its also my meetup get together for sewing basics!! I was SUPER nervous! I left early so I could find the location and the location was so close to my house and SUPER easy. April, the Hostess was SUPER nice. She has a BEAUTIFUL retired Grey Hound named Ginger who is as sweet as can be!! I met a couple of other ladies. We had so much fun and the time flew! We made a Pin Cushion and it was SUPEr easy and came out so CUTE! CJ had to go to CHloes 3rd bday party at 4 so I had to leave once we were done with sewing! I went home got CJ ready and we left. Chuck went to go play pool with his friend. CJ and I got back at 7pm! He had a blast. He was jumping on the moon bounce and running all over the place! He was all sweaty but happy. I will tell ya he slept NICE!

3 May:

I was so completely exhausted from yesterdays events. We didnt sleep in :( woke up at 9 because CJ was up and ready for the day, lol. I cleaned up the kitchen because I was so bored. I was seriously going stir crazy. I went to walmart to get Yes, Man! Great funny movie, you should watch it if you havent yet! I got a new nail polish and I got gas. That little time I was out helped me TONS! I did a layout too! Then it was time to cook out and have yummy steak!

4 May:
Well its our 2nd yr anniversary! YAY! 2 great years of being married to my love! Time sure does FLY!! I am taking him out to dinner tonight because he said he doesnt want me to get him anything but I just cant let that happen. So I am not sure where He wants to go to eat so we will find out when he gets off of work! Today we are having some come and repair our washer! FINALLY, YES! I hope it doesnt cost a TON! We just dont need another Bill like that. Last night we were looking at apartments out over in Virgina Beach and I think we found one that my hubby is set one getting. i just hope it has enough room! Well I will update this with pictures from today. Thanks!

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